Experience Northern Norway on horseback.

A simple cabin by the sea

A simple family cabin with electricity, a simple kitchen with a stove, TV and a Cinderella incinerating toilet.

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About us

About me

My name is Inger, and I am a well grown horse enthusiast, with a past as a teacher and school leader. I primarily breed the national breed Northlands/Lyngen horse. The horses are also used for tourism and some commissioned riding. The small farm I live on is located about 30 km north of Tromsø, on the mainland. Here my grandfather once worked as a fisherman, with his own boat on the strait, and horses and sheep in the barn. The conservation work of the Lyngen horse is financially very demanding

I want to be able to produce about 5-8 foals annually and thus contribute to the breed's growth and progress. It is important to me that the horses from my stud are follow the breed's characteristics, is healthy and with a good temperament. At the same time, the horse in both exterior, movements and size must reflect the needs of the working horses of the future, whether it is in an educational context, for recreation / leisure or in equestrian sports.

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Shirls and Ian
Shirls and Ian

Shirls and Ian

Magical time

We visited last december and had a lovely time with Inger, her beautiful naughty horses and the pretty cat! I've always loved horses and made sure there was some sort of horse interaction on every trip if possible.. but this was a different experience as i got to greet and pat every horse in the family! Even feeding them bread. Inger was very warm and loved sharing stories of the town and of course, the horses. We liked that the horses were very smart.. they acted like it was difficult to trot and 'slipped' afew times but when it was time to head back, they were experts on the icy road and quick as well!!! So adorable!! Thank you Inger!!!